Wino Weekend Reading #1

Wino Weekend Reading - Travelling Corkscrew Wine BlogI’m a big fan of lying in on Saturday and Sunday mornings and catching up on my reading. One of the blogs I regularly follow, Girl +Beer has a fabulous idea! Every Thurs/Fri she pops up a post about interesting articles and news bits and pieces for her readers to check out over the weekend. I love the idea so I wanted to give it a go here! Continue reading

Who is Lucky Chan? And does he like wine?

Lucky Chan's Northbridge - Behind the scenes tourIf you’re living in Perth you may have heard, seen or got a whiff of the ‘Who is Lucky Chan’ promotions around the city.

To be honest, it’s exciting to hear about another foodie spot opening up in Perth but what I really want to know is if there’ll be wine at the new Lucky Chan’s Laundry + Noodlebar in Northbridge and if it’ll be good enough to lure me in? One track mind I know, but that’s why you guys like me right? Continue reading

THE BEST Sauvignon Blanc Wine Cupcakes Recipe EVER!

Sauvignon Blanc CupcakesSo here it is, possibly the best cupcake recipe out there! it is so easy and even kitchen novices like myself with an unreliable oven can cook these beauties to perfection.

I swear every single time I have cooked these they have been an absolute hit with wine lovers and non-wine lovers alike. They are the perfect adult-only treat! Continue reading

10 Reasons Why You NEED Champagne Delivered to Your Door!

10 Reasons why You Need Champagne Delivered to Your Door NOWAs you have probably figured out from my tasting notes, I have a slight weakness for Champagne. I also love my dear adopted home city of Perth and what the heck, being in a Club makes it all educational right? So it’s obviously quite natural that my mouth has somehow been drawn to the local WA online wine business, the Perth Champagne Club. Continue reading