Wine Cruise on the Perth River with RedBalloon

RedBalloon Wine Cruise on Perth RiverDisclosure: This post was sponsored by RedBalloon, I was given the voucher for 2 in exchange for sharing my experiences.

I love boats, the water and of course good wine so it’s only natural that a wine cruise would suit me down to a tee. I’ve now been in Perth just over 2.5 years and it was only yesterday that I went on my first cruise on the Swan River and of course it had to be a ‘Wine Cruise’ (they’re the best kind right?). Continue reading

‘When you have rum, you always have a good time’ – Rum Dinner at Angel’s Cut by The Trustree

Rum Dinner at Angel's Cut by The Trustee - Angostura 1824 & Jaffas TartsDisclosure: I was gifted 2 seats at the latest rum dinner at Angels Cut by The Trustee.

I’ve never been to degustation devoted to rum. I’ve drunk my fair share of white rum in mojitos, Ron Matusalem when I felt like getting rum-fancy and guess what, I’ve even visited the Bundaberg Rum factory in Queensland! But I’ve never attended a 5-course dinner matched with rum. And to be honest with you, my knowledge of Angostura products up until now was severely limited to that of the bitters with its bright yellow cap and white paper label, lo and behold they produce a delicious lineup of oh so delectable rums. Continue reading

The New Homestead Brewery & Improved Mandoon Estate Cellar Door in the Swan Valley

Mandoon Estate & Homestead Brewery Swan ValleyI was trying to hold off visiting the new and improved Mandoon property for a few weeks, but the sun was shining this past Saturday and it was just the perfect day for a nice cold beer or glass of vino in the sun. It didn’t take much convincing for Mr. Spittoon and I to head out there! Continue reading