How to convince your boss that a Choo Choo’s Cocktail Class is perfect for team building!

Choo Choo's Cocktail Masterclass Perth StuRecently my office (yes I do have a day job, I don’t just drink all day as I explain in my post here) decided after such a good year that we needed an End of Year Financial Celebration and the boss agreed! Afterwards came a lot of hooting and hollering as you can image, well as much as you can get out of an office of 8 people. Continue reading

“Holy shit, it’s Maverick and Goose” in the Swan Valley – Top Gun Tours

Top Gun Tour Bus Swan ValleyOn July 8, 2007 Matthew Attwood established an elite Swan Valley Tour company for the wine lovers of Perth. Its purpose was to teach the lost art of wine tasting combat and to insure that the handful of drinkers who graduated from the tour were the best wine tourists in the world. He has succeeded. Today, Perth calls it another Swan Valley Tour. The passengers call it: TOP GUN.

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Come quickly, I’m drinking Smurf Wine – The world’s first blue sparkling wine!

Blanc de Bleu Cuvée Mousseux - Blue Wine!Recently one of my 2014 Wine Tasting Notes caused so much commotion across my social media channels that I thought I had better get my wine drinking butt into gear and do up a proper blog post for it so that all you lovely people can learn about and drink Smurf Wine too!!

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The Ultimate 7-Course Wine & Cheese Degustation

Bistro 38 Sticks Winery DegustationRecently I was invited by the team at the Joondalup Resort to attend a degustation at their in-house restaurant – Bistro 38. The $75 ticket included 7 courses which included produce from Yarra Valley Dairy with wine to match each course by Sticks Winery, also from Victoria’s Yarra Valley. My ticket was free however we paid for Mr. Spittoon and he said that even with a mans appetite it was well worth the $75!
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