Wino Weekend Reading #2

Wino Weekend Reading - Travelling Corkscrew Wine BlogLast week I began a weekly post (which I hope to continue!) which gives you fabulous lot some tasty wino articles, videos and image galleries to mull over the weekend. You can read Wino Weekend Reading #1 here.

Whether you browse in bed on Saturday morning on your iPad, or catch up on the latest wine goss over a cheeky wine or two on Sunday evening, I have pulled together some of my favourite pieces from the week.

So here’s a big cheers to the second Wino Weekend Reading edition!
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Wino Weekend Reading #1

Wino Weekend Reading - Travelling Corkscrew Wine BlogI’m a big fan of lying in on Saturday and Sunday mornings and catching up on my reading. One of the blogs I regularly follow, Girl +Beer has a fabulous idea! Every Thurs/Fri she pops up a post about interesting articles and news bits and pieces for her readers to check out over the weekend. I love the idea so I wanted to give it a go here! Continue reading

Who is Lucky Chan? And does he like wine?

Lucky Chan's Northbridge - Behind the scenes tourIf you’re living in Perth you may have heard, seen or got a whiff of the ‘Who is Lucky Chan’ promotions around the city.

To be honest, it’s exciting to hear about another foodie spot opening up in Perth but what I really want to know is if there’ll be wine at the new Lucky Chan’s Laundry + Noodlebar in Northbridge and if it’ll be good enough to lure me in? One track mind I know, but that’s why you guys like me right? Continue reading