Manual Labour in Exchange for Free Homemade Pizza & Organic Wine

Harris Organic Wines Pruning and Pizza DayA lot of people think owning a vineyard and winery is the most romantic thing on earth. But until you’ve actually worked on one, you may just change your mind. It is hard-work owning a vineyard and for those small family owned wineries it sometimes means working day in and day out to enjoy the fruits of ones labour. Continue reading

6 Out-of-the-(wine)-box Father’s Day Present Ideas

I have a lot to thank my Dad for. If it wasn’t for him and my Mum visiting a local winery so often when I was at highschool I wouldn’t have been offered the after school job that would spark my passion for the world of wine. Cleaning tanks with chemicals that ate through my clothes, labelling wine bottles for up to 8 hours straight, pruning vines in the vineyard and putting together platters to serve at the cellar door may have not been the most romantic job, but it did earn me some ultra cool points amongst my peers. Continue reading

Exclusive Q&A with Madeline Puckette from Wine Folly

Wine folly Madeline Puckette Food & Wine“I would love to answer a few questions but when it comes to ‘best’ and ‘favorite’ I cannot not answer those questions. It’s like asking me what my favorite donut or cookie is… I love them all, for different reasons, occasions and constantly changing tastes!”

To say I was excited when Madeline Puckette of got back to me with answers to my Q&A questions was an understatement! I reached out to Madeline via twitter however I honestly thought it would never go anywhere, simply for the fact that she’s one of those globally known wine personalities who I doubted would have time to answer questions for a small time blog like Travelling Corkscrew. Continue reading

The party of the year in the Swan Valley with Chef George Calombaris – Entwined in the Valley!

Entwined in the Swan Valley 2014

Buy an Entwined in the Valley ticket and you and a lucky friend could win a meet and greet with George Calombaris, and a cooking experience with Co-Op’s Kiren Mainwaring. Visit the Swan Valley website for full details. Terms and Conditions apply.

It’s about time the Swan Valley stole the show!

On Saturday August 30th from 7pm till 12 midnight the magnificent Entwined in the Valley Degustation will be held. This 7-course food & wine extravaganza will not only stun the senses but it’ll showcase some of WA’s and Australia’s finest chefs. It’s one of those events that you simply cannot miss (I’ll be there with bells on!). Continue reading