My Christmas Wine Advent Calendar – The 25 Swan Valley Sparkling Wines of Christmas 2014

The 25 Swan Valley Sparkling Wines of Christmas Wine Advent CalendarOpen the daily bottle by clicking on the correct date in December. But remember, you can’t skip ahead, the bottle will only open if we are up to that day in December :)

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Yay I can finally let you all in on what I have been so busy doing!! I have been prepping my advent calendar for Christmas!

And yes you read it right, it is totally focused on the wines of the Swan Valley and in celebratory style it’s all about sparkling wine. Each day in December, make sure you come back and click on the correct day to unveil that days sparkling wine.

Each daily post will highlight a Swan Valley sparkling wine and will include; a tasting note, winery profile and some wineries have even popped in a special discount exclusively for YOU! Yep specials just for the TC readers.

So sit back and enjoy winos as we count down to Christmas, TC style!

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The TC Wine Advent Calendar Countdown 2014

The 25 Swan Valley Sparkling Wines of Christmas 2014 – 21st December

Garbin Estate NV Sparkling Rose - TC Wine BlogGarbin Estate NV Sparkling Rose

Everyone loves a good rose, and why wouldn’t you! Plus I think rose is perfect for Christmas time as red is one of the official colours of the season after all. Continue reading

The 25 Swan Valley Sparkling Wines of Christmas 2014 – 20th December

Harris Organic Sparkling 'Madeleine Claire' Chardonnay - TC Wine Blog

Harris Organic Sparkling ‘Madeleine Claire’ Chardonnay

There are not many organic wines in the Swan Valley and I have a feeling Harris Organic may be the only one doing organic sparkling. This sparkling wine is made of 100% organically grown Chardonnay grapes which are handpicked. Natural yeast is used for fermentation and the wine is stored for 3 months in an underground cellar prior to bottling. Once bottled, the wine undergoes a secondary fermentation in the bottle over a minimum of a 36 month period. The bottles are hand riddled and hand disgorged before being finished with a crown cap closure. Continue reading

The 25 Swan Valley Sparkling Wines of Christmas 2014 – 19th December

Ugly Duckling 2014 Sparkling Chardonnay - TC Wine Blog

Ugly Duckling 2014 Sparkling Chardonnay

Ugly Duckling is such a fabulous spot in the Swan Valley. It is a small cellar door which is just off West Swan Road and it faces out to the vineyard. It is open-air with live music on the weekends and they make some of the best pies in Australia I think! I am sorry Aussie’s but you guys have nothing on Kiwi Pies, yet these Ugly Duckling pies I am completely hooked on. I wonder if that is because they have wine in? Hmm… Continue reading

The 25 Swan Valley Sparkling Wines of Christmas 2014 – 18th December

Sittella NV Sparkling Chenin Blanc - TC Wine Blog Sittella NV Sparkling Chenin Blanc

This is my go-to sparkling wine and it pretty much has been since I touched down in Perth. For $24 it is an absolute steal and it is such a crowd-pleaser! I am always left with the task of choosing the wine for everyone and when everyone’s tastes are so diverse or I’m unsure what people drink I think 9 times out of 10 everyone will love this wine. It’s a safe option! And for that 1 who maybe doesn’t like it, well bad luck for them.. I’ll drink their glass quite happily! Continue reading

The 25 Swan Valley Sparkling Wines of Christmas 2014 – 17th December

Chapel Farm Sparkling White - TC Wine BlogChapel Farm Sparkling White

This is the second Chapel Farm wine to make an appearence in The 25 Swan Valley Sparkling Wines of Christmas, the previous one was the Chapel Farm Sparkling Rose on the 6th of December. Continue reading