A tucked away little gem – Padburys Cafe in Guildford, Perth

Padburys Cafe Guildford Olive Farm WinesIt was an impromptu dinner reservation and seeing as I had just received my Entertainment Book digital membership I wanted to pick a place that we could get a great deal at and that was close to home.

Padbury's Cafe Restaurant on UrbanspoonTo be honest with you, I haven’t really noticed Padburys on Terrace Road in Guildford. I mean, I have seen it there but I just thought it was another cafe. When in fact it is a cafe but also a licensed restaurant so I found out!

There is actually a lot of history behind the building where Padburys is located as it’s one of the oldest surviving commercial and residential buildings in Guildford and is listed as a Heritage Building on the State Registrar. Built in 1869, the restaurant use to be home to one of Guildford’s main stores.

We went during the week, and it was fairly quiet. We actually arrived about 45 minutes prior to the time I booked. When I called up to ask if we could come earlier, the staff member on the phone was so pleasant and likewise when we entered the restaurant she was equally as pleasant.
Padburys Restaurant Guildford
The restaurant has that warehouse type feel; high ceilings, some brick walls and it is decorated with vintage, antique pieces. It’s actually very funky! We were seated in one of the window seats which I wasn’t too keen on to start with as it’s like a window box and therefore everyone walking by looks at you like you’re a puppy on show. Thank-fully Guildford isn’t that busy so we weren’t glared at, at all!

Padburys Cafe Guildford Perth
The menu, as expected was pretty straight forward. In a way I do like small menus as obviously they have worked out what their signature dishes are and hopefully they know how to do them well!
Padburys Restaurant Guildford Dinner Menu
The wine list was similar. It was nice to see a mix of Australian wines (a few Swan Valley ones on there which was good) as well as a couple of New Zealand wines too. You can also BYO your own wine which is good to know for the future!

Padburys Restaurant Guildford Wine Menu
We decided to go local and opted for a bottle of the Olive Farm Brut for $28 which I thought was very reasonable. Bottle prices ranged from $28 up to $45 and glass prices from $7 up to $8.50 which is pretty good.

However the crown cap on the bottle of Olive Farm bubbles did confuse the waitress and I have no idea how she did it but when she tried to remove the cap she broke some of the glass off the top of the bottle. Without hesitation she went and got another new bottle. Which is good, no one wants to drink shards of glass! It was actually this incident which made me pop in a section on how to open bubbles with crown caps on my guest post for the Perth Champagne Club.

Mr. Spittoon and I were both dying for a good steak so we both ordered the;  Char grill Harvey Beef  served with potato mash, green beans, brocolini, mushroom ragout, crispy sweet potato and red wine jus for $39, it didn’t disappoint and knowing that we were getting one of the plates free with our Entertainment voucher, really sweetened the deal.
Padburys Cafe Guildford Steak
I don’t know if the meal simply wasn’t enough or I was just particularly hungry on the day but I was still keen for more once I finished my main. So naturally I thought I would take a look at the dessert menu.

In 2 seconds I had decided and flagged over the waitress to order the; Padburys famous half-cooked chocolate Fondant served with Vanilla ice-cream and Chocolate sauce for $14. I WAS IN CHOCOLATE HEAVEN! This was an amazing fondant, cooked to perfection and I was in a sweet heavenly chocolate daze by the end of it. I’ll be going back!
Padburys Cafe Guildford Chocolate Fondant
Padburys do breakfast, lunch and dinner, you can find the full menu here. For further information and bookings please check out the Padburys website.

A Day in the Life of a Wine Blogger

A Day in the Life of a Wine Blogger - Travelling CorkscrewI have an addiction. It’s one I can’t shake. I am truly and utterly obsessed.

To be honest with you, at times I feel like I live in my only little wine soaked world. I’m thinking, speaking, reading, writing and of course drinking wine as much as I can. And I love every single drop! I’m so immersed that even if no one is listening, I’m still away with the wine fairies.

After writing my Why Do I Blog post and seeing how much you guys enjoyed popping into my world for a glass of vino or two, well I wanted to share more of the behind the scenes life of this wine blogger with you.

I love taking photos, even though my only camera strategy is ‘point, click & hope it comes out’. Therefore I thought why not do a Day in the Life of well me, blog post.

I choose to do this on a Saturday as during the week I work as an Online Marketing Account Manager so my days are fairly routine. All the good stuff goes down on the weekend and seeing as this particular Saturday I had no plans, I thought it’d be fun to share what I got up to via iPhone pics & a few words.

Welcome to the world of this wine blogger…

A Day in the Life of the Travelling Corkscrew

Travelling Corkscrew iPad Kittens7am: For me sleeping in is not really about the sleeping because as soon as I wake up I grab the iPad and jump on the TC social media networks, start drafting up blog posts and catch up with reading all my favourite blogs. I always wake up full of blogging inspiration, I have no idea why as I don’t tend to dream about anything! Therefore my type of sleep in, is simply just staying in bed with the iPad for a good few hours, total bliss! And since adopting ‘the interns’ Fizzy & Crackle from the RSPCA I now have these two joining me.
Running Treadmill Flava Radio Station9am: By this time I’ve decided to brave the morning chill and torture my body on the treadmill so I can eat & drink the day away guilt free. Shhhh… Maybe the calories I worked off vs. what’s consumed don’t match up but at least I’m making an effort to balance it out. As I run, listening to my favourite New Zealand radio station, Flava, a good idea or two pops into my head for possible posts, so shakily I try to jot these down in the notes on my phone.
Chateau Guildford Wine Shop11am: I’m off to the post office to send out Wine Glass Writer pens for the competition I ran on my Facebook page last week and grab a lotto ticket. I’d really like to take a trip back to Tuscany next week! Since I’m out and about, I decide to pop into my favourite bottle shop, Chateau Guildford, to see what new wines they have in. I end up picking up a Macabeo-Sauvignon Blanc blend and a Tempranillo. I must be in a Spanish mood!
Travelling Corkscrew Champagne Pancakes1pm: Lunch time! And I’m trying out a new recipe with wine for the blog ‘Champagne Pancakes!’. It’s one of the best recipes I’ve tried to date! Whilst chowing down on these delights with a glass of leftover Champagne of course I’m catching up with family in New Zealand on Skype as well as my lovely Mr. Spittoon who is currently away for work (he is immediately jealous of my feast and has requested I make these pancakes for him asap when he gets home!).
Wine Tasting at Providore in the Swan Valley3pm: Mr. Spittoon and I have just purchased land and are about to build in the Swan Valley. So I decide to swing past our piece of dirt and hey, may aswell stop for a wine tasting too! I’ve been wanting to stop in to try the Coward & Black 2013 Chardy for a while. As you know, I am in a deep relationship with Chardonnay! I tasted and ran as the crowds at Providore were not pleasant. I think there were a few bus tours there and since it was the end of the day, they were well on their way. That’s the beauty of living only 5 minutes from the Swan Valley, I can pop back anytime!
Saturday Night In at TC Headquarters6pm: It’s a quiet night in which involves a salad, the leftover Champagne, movies and fixing up broken pages on the blog! I’m addicted to poached eggs, I loved them before but after learning to make no fail perfectly poached eggs via Curtis Stone, I just love to show off my new talent whenever I can!

And that’s a typical day in the life of me folks! Okay so I missed plenty out, but you don’t really want to read about me doing the washing or cleaning out the kitty litter tray now do you :)

I am so passionate about the world of wine that I try to involve it in my day as much as possible, I’m pretty sure it’s a world that I’m never going to get bored with!

Casey (aka the wine blogger behind the Travelling Corkscrew)