Guest Post: Skydive & Wine Tour Package in the Margaret River Wine Region!

Southern Skydivers Wine Package Margaret RiverI bet you never thought that skydiving and a wine tour would be a the perfect match right?

Southern Skydivers and Wine for Dudes in the Margaret River Wine Region have teamed up to create a Skydive & Wine Tour Package that is guaranteed to give you one hell of a day.

Are you ready for an adventure?

You’ll meet the Southern Skydivers team in Busselton for an early morning jump (jumpsuits and shoes will be provided). Jumping early means you’ll get the clean crisp, amazing views of the region and then have the rest of the day to celebrate your awesomeness and drink wine!

The Southern Skydivers Tandem Masters have jumped over 15,000 times, so these guys really know how it’s done. Don’t let them freak you out with their corny one-liners like ‘oh I’m on work experience today’ or ‘this is my first qualified jump’ – they’re just trying to get under your skin!

Take a deep breath, it’s your turn to jump!

They will do all the hard work for you – so just spread your wings and fly baby! You’ll reach amazing speeds of up to 200km. With all their experience you can relax and enjoy the expansive coastal views of the region as you fly up to an exhilarating 14,000 feet or more over the majestic Margaret River Wine Region. Bliss!

After all of this free-falling you get to land on the pristine shores of Geographe Bay. Once your feet are back on the ground, Southern Skydivers will send you for a celebratory drink at The Goose overlooking the iconic Busselton Jetty, a fantastic precursor to the rest of your day. Or as we like to call it ‘a post jump/pre wine tour party’!
Wine for Dudes Tour Margaret  River

And the party continues with a Wine for Dudes tour..

These guys really know how to party. For over a decade they have been taking people to experience the region and thrill their senses. And they just keep on satisfying!

Wine for Dudes also offer the regions only wine blending experience, where you get to create your own unique tipple to really get your wine palate humming.

Dudes offer a totally flexible tour and will happily cater to everyone’s dietary needs. Take your pick from wineries like Laurance Estate with their divine wines, breathtaking lake and garden setting or mix in a couple of boutique breweries. Bush Shack Brewery make a mouth-watering ginger beer…be careful though, it’s a strong one! Or why not just get a sampling plate and taste them all. Throw in some gourmet food tastings and a divine lunch platter at a secret Dudes spot and you have a whole day filled with adventure, wine and food fit for dudes and dudettes.
Skydive and Wine Tour Lunch

And the best bit is that you started it off with one of the biggest adrenaline rushes you can get! Skydive and Wine tour Packages start from an affordable $434, for more information click here.

This article was written by Southern Skydivers who offer tandem skydiving experiences off the pristine Busselton coastline, just 2 hours south of Perth. Enjoy the best skydiving experience over the spectacular Margaret River Wine Region with magnificent views of the WA coastline.
Wine for Dudes Beer Tasting Margaret River

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