We’ve bought a house & land package in the Swan Valley!

Harolds Planet Wine Bottle HouseIf you haven’t already seen the little hints across social media, Mr. Spittoon and I have taken one of the biggest leaps of our lives. We have purchased a house and land package in Perth’s Swan Valley. FINALLY we have confirmation that it is actually going ahead so I wanted to share our wee adventure with you all and help answer any questions you may have about the *cough cough* ‘interesting’ process. Continue reading

Dinner & Alcohol Delivered to Your Door via Menulog Online Takeaways

Menulog Perth Online Food DeliveryRecently I was approached by the Menulog marketing team to see if I’d be keen to try out their service and share my experience with you all in exchange for a $30 voucher. Being a big fan of dining in, but not cooking or doing dishes (we have no dishwasher) I thought this would be a great way to try something new as we typically opt for fush’n’chups or Dominos with my beloved cheesy crust. Continue reading

How long does wine keep once opened? (You’ll be shocked!!)

Wine Bottle StoppersI hate to break a few hearts out there, but wine does have a shelf life once opened. Oxygen is the enemy of wine and once that precious bottle is opened, air is going to seep into it at every opportunity and attack the living day lights out of that lovely wine. Even if you screw that lid or cork back on super tightly, it’s been exposed! Continue reading

How to convince your boss that a Choo Choo’s Cocktail Class is perfect for team building!

Choo Choo's Cocktail Masterclass Perth StuRecently my office (yes I do have a day job, I don’t just drink all day as I explain in my post here) decided after such a good year that we needed an End of Year Financial Celebration and the boss agreed! Afterwards came a lot of hooting and hollering as you can image, well as much as you can get out of an office of 8 people. Continue reading

“Holy shit, it’s Maverick and Goose” in the Swan Valley – Top Gun Tours

Top Gun Tour Bus Swan ValleyOn July 8, 2007 Matthew Attwood established an elite Swan Valley Tour company for the wine lovers of Perth. Its purpose was to teach the lost art of wine tasting combat and to insure that the handful of drinkers who graduated from the tour were the best wine tourists in the world. He has succeeded. Today, Perth calls it another Swan Valley Tour. The passengers call it: TOP GUN.

Continue reading